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US Capital Global Triples Financial Support for India’s Hungry and Displaced Following Extension of COVID-19 Lockdown – A New “Globalism”

Braj Bhumi

Through its California-based foundation, Braj Bhumi Group, US Capital Global has increased its financial support to philanthropic projects feeding tens of thousands in country devastated by the coronavirus crisis.

SAN FRANCISCO, MAY 2020As global lockdowns are extended and vulnerable populations are forced to bear the brunt, San Francisco-based global private financial group US Capital Global has tripled its philanthropic efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. Through its California-based foundation, Braj Bhumi Group, US Capital Global supports programs that help solve crucial social and environmental issues.

India’s 21-day coronavirus lockdown, which resulted in the imminent threat of starvation for millions, has been extended into next month. Although enforced to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the extension has caused widespread concern for the health and welfare of India’s large informal workforce, which makes up 85% of the country’s employed population and subsists on daily wages to survive, as well as 40 million children from poor families. This is further exasperated by fears of growing food shortages. While the Indian Government has rolled out substantial aid packages and food distribution programs, there are many who fall through the cracks.

Through its philanthropic foundation, Braj Bhumi Group, US Capital Global is directly engaging with local grassroots organizations such as Radhe Kunj, a nonprofit ashram based in the ancient temple town of Vrindavan, India, to support those suffering most during the crisis. Amid the world’s largest lockdown, Radhe Kunj safely distributes free meals daily to anyone in need, ensuring that no one in the vicinity goes hungry as a result of the lockdown. In light of the lockdown’s extension and the country’s continued food crisis, Braj Bhumi Group is significantly increasing its financial contributions in support of the nonprofit’s work.

“While the effects of COVID-19 ravage the world’s poorest communities, the current circumstances have fueled a broader consciousness of what connects us as humans, inspiring many to reach across cultural and geographical divides to help strangers during this time,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Global. “We are witnessing what may be called a ‘New Globalism’, where people from opposite sides of the world are connecting to support those most in need. This vision of human connection and service lies at the core of our philanthropic foundation, Braj Bhumi Group. As the situation in rural India intensifies during the lockdown, we are honored to be increasing our financial support for nonprofits on the coronavirus frontlines, feeding tens of thousands of hungry villagers, informal workers, families, and medicants.”

US Capital Global Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Sweeney, and Managing Partner, Charles Towle, serve on Braj Bhumi Group’s Board of Directors and financial advisory groups. Over the past twenty years, US Capital Global’s Philanthropic Solutions division has been delivering expertise and a comprehensive suite of financing and advisory services to help institutions build and sustain their nonprofit missions.

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