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US Capital Global Securities Launches $14 Million Impact Investment Offering for Smart Matrix Ltd

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San Francisco-based private financial group engaged by next-generation wound-care company as lead placement agent for equity offering.

SAN FRANCISCO, November 2019 – US Capital Global Securities, an affiliate of US Capital Global, is offering to accredited investors a $14 million impact investment opportunity in Smart Matrix Ltd (“SML”), an innovator in the medical device arena. SML is developing Smart Matrix®, a next-generation wound-healing technology designed to treat full-thickness skin wounds by encouraging the growth of skin cells and new blood vessels, critical to healthy healing, all without a skin graft.

Smart Matrix® is being developed primarily as a clinical treatment for surgical wounds, such as in the removal of skin cancer tumors. Additional potential uses include the treatment of chronic wounds, severe burns, trauma injuries, military wounds, and ulcers.

Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Global is a full-service private financial group with an established track record in investment banking, asset management, and capital formation services. Its registered broker-dealer affiliate, US Capital Global Securities, LLC, is acting as the lead placement agent for the investment offering for Smart Matrix.

“We are very pleased to have US Capital Global Securities’ experienced team assist us in this capital raise,” said Francis Gugen, Executive Chairman at SML. “We are excited about bringing Smart Matrix® to market, and believe that this next-generation technology is a potential game changer. Our patent-protected technology is being de-risked by initial clinical trials in humans, demonstrating safety, clinical-standard manufacture, and healing in all trial patients. We now also have a manufacturing contract with an established long-term supplier with the capacity to handle commercial production.”

“It is a real pleasure to serve SML as its lead financial advisor and placement agent,” said Charles Towle, CEO at US Capital Global Securities. “This medical device company is making rapid progress in the commercialization of its patent-protected wound-care technology, Smart Matrix®. We are very pleased to be supporting the business in taking its next-generation product to market. The opportunity to participate in this $14 million impact investment in SML is now open to eligible investors.”

About Smart Matrix Ltd

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Smart Matrix Ltd (“SML”) is focused on the commercialization of Smart Matrix®, a medical device designed to treat full skin thickness wounds by encouraging the growth of skin cells and new blood vessels into a wound to aid skin regeneration. This process helps the body close skin-loss injuries, where the deepest layer of the skin (the dermis) is lost. Other potential applications of the Smart Matrix® platform include burn treatments, bone healing and regeneration, acute wound care, dental soft-tissue repair, and stem cell delivery.

About US Capital Global

US Capital Global Securities, LLC is the FINRA-licensed broker-dealer division of US Capital Global that acts as placement agent for growth-stage companies, projects, and investment funds. Since 1998, the US Capital Global team has been committed to providing small and lower middle market businesses and investors with sophisticated debt, equity, and investment opportunities usually available only to larger middle market companies and institutional investors, using the latest FinTech and RegTech innovation. US Capital Global manages direct investment funds and provides wealth management and capital raise services.

To learn more about US Capital Global Securities or this investment opportunity, email Charles Towle, CEO, at or call +1 415-889-1010.

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